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The old proverb that a picture tells a thousand words is perhaps more true online than it’s even been offline. Photos and images are a vital part of any successful digital strategy, and without them you’ll find your online presence doesn’t have nearly the same impact.

Today every business needs  attention -grabbing images for website and social media platform.

Research shows that images are more engaging than any other type of online content. This can be seen on Facebook, as you are likely to receive a much higher proportion of likes and comments on an image than you are on any other kind of network.

This fact also explains the huge growth of image-centric social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

I am working on daily basis with all types of Small and Medium Enterprises, helping them create interesting visual content.

Here is example of my commercial photography assignment for Westbrook Motors Mitsubishi dealership in Dublin.





May 2, 2016


Commercial & Website

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