TPC Demonstration Team in Dublin event photography

World Taekwondo Peace Corps

Sports event photography

An absolutely brilliant night at Sport Taekwondo with the amazing Taekwondo Peace Corps (TPC) putting on a fabulous demonstration of Taekwondo. Pictures were taken during demonstration then after followed by a 2-hour class under the instruction of the TPC.

An amazing group of people who truly impressed everyone with there knowledge of Taekwondo.

A special thanks to the Korean Embassy in Ireland for making this happen. Also thanks to Olympic gold medalist Don Ming Cha who organized this great event.

Video from that performance is available now on Rafael Photography YouTube channel

Reportage sponsored by Rostra Solicitors

Equipment used: Sony a7 mark III and FE Sony 85mm f1.8



December 16, 2019


Events and PR photography

event, reportage, sport, taekwondo

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